Monday, 13 February 2012

Real Housewives of ATL

I am obsessed with Bravo's franchise of Real Housewives. Atlanta and New Jersey are my favourites, and OC comes shortly after. New York should have been cancelled a long time ago as they already have a topical show similar; I think its called Ru Pauls drag race. (Its full of drag queens basically).

So, while I have the unfortunate pleasure of living with dull UK televison I have to wait for all my favourite US shows to be uploaded onto websites. The latest episode of Real Housewives of ATL made my night. Sheree and Marlo (The convict) had THE stupidest argument. Would you believe that two grown women were actually fighting about why one wasn't invited by the other. In the words of Big Ang (Mob wives reference) "Get over it already".

On top of the two gyals fighting, Marlo and Sheree weirdly started speaking in some weird-ass language and with which my body shrouded over in embarassment and eventually blossomed into laughter. I can't explain in writing, so it's best you see it for yourself...

I'm not a massive fan of Marlo nor Sheree, but on this occassion I was Team Sheree. I just wish Kim Zolciak would come back onto our screens for longer air time because her and Nene are truely what makes RHOA.

*I do not own this video, it is property of roogabooga89 via Youtube.*

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