Saturday, 25 February 2012

Plain? More like plain tacky!

So, I stumbled across this picture whilst browsing the internet and I was half disgusted and half Intrigued.

The paradox in this image is just too much!

Now, I love Louis Vuitton – but I must admit this is so tacky. I doubt Louis Vuitton would actually condone this sort of blasphemy on their iconic pattern. I secretly, deep down in my Croydonian fantasies do want my car seats upholstered in the classic LV print, however, this movement is way over the top and overflows on the desperate level of showing off. Some would even say: Ghetto.

But now, thanks to FIAT (please note the irony) if I really wanted to have a car like this, I could:

Fiat has unveiled the new 500c GUCCI edition, released in celebration for GUCCI's 90th anniversary. The car is exclusive in either black or white paint and is littered with reminders that the car is a “designer item”.

The roof has the GUCCI stripe, and the alloy wheels are centred with the GUCCI logo

The Gucci making this car look 'Hoochie'

The seats are part GUCCI leather with GUCCI patterned seat belts

Gucci overload

The rear decal is a glossy ‘GUCCI’ badge and if that wasn’t enough, an obnoxious GUCCI stripe can also be seen wrapped around the middle of the car.

Who cares?

This car is NOT sophisticated. It’s a wannabe’s car.

Anybody who feels the need to purchase a vehicle with designer logos and patterns emblazoned all over it, is low rent and cheap. Because everyone will know that in reality if you really had any class or MONEY you’d be driving a Mercedes or something similar.

NOT a Fiat.

This 500c GUCCI edition, to me, is boisterous, in your face and utterly stupid. You will never impress anybody with this car. I expect this car to be parked outside many a council house when it arrives in the UK fairly soon, as the only place this car belongs is in an estate with all the other cheap and nasty knock-offs – because after all that’s all it is.

With prices starting from £16,000 you can order your 500c GUCCI today via Fiats website, but I wouldn’t bother when you can get the better looking, better quality Audi A1, which starts at a little over £13,000. And for that you buy into a brand which doesn’t need to scream and shout to get attention.

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